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Here you can share your thoughts or stories with other ADM5054 classmates.

# Article Title Author Hits
1 Pentecost Cery Abad, HS50 380
2 Of April, Easter and Holy Week Administrator 421
3 Fatima and Two Filipino Fiestas Held in February Cery Abad, HS50 784
4 Christmas 1949 Meliton V. Salazar 1122
5 January - the Beginning of the Year Reuben Justo 396
6 Higantes Festival Reuben Justo 709
7 Kadayawan Festival in Davao Reuben Justo 618
8 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cery Abad 433
9 All About August Reuben Justo 539
10 Deep in Autumn and It's Chilly Reuben Justo 743
11 Deep in Autumn and It's Chilly Reuben Justo 664
12 Did the BVM Die On Earth? Reuben Justo 877
13 The Dog Days of July Reuben Justo 864
14 Divine Mercy Sunday Cery Abad, HS50 803
15 San Isidro Labrador Cery Abad, HS50 790
16 Our Lady of Fatima Cery Abad, HS50 836
17 May, Scent of Sampaguitas and Santacruzan Reuben Justo 1196
18 Easter in the Christian World and the Philippines Cery Abad, HS50 1052
19 Holy Week Cery Abad, HS50 1035
20 March Feasts in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Reuben Justo, HS50 1370

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Where are they now?

  • CHAN, Johnson, HS50
  • FIDELINO, Antonio O., HS49/AB54
  • ORTIZ, Manuel I., AB54
  • PATERNO, Ramon Jr. M.., HS50, AB54
  • RAMOS, Reynaldo, HS50

  • RODRIGUEZ, Enrique R., HS50
  • ROSAL, Elias L., AB54
  • SOLIN AP, Cesar J., BS54
  • SORIANO, Enrico C., AA52, LLB54
  • VALDES, Jose Jr. F., HS50

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